Math 323: Real Analysis
Middlebury College, Spring 2020
Frank Swenton

Welcome to the Math 323 homepage!

Here is where you'll find handouts, problem sets, solutions, and various other sorts of course materials. Printable files are in Adobe PDF format (get Acrobat Reader); when printing, be sure to uncheck "Fit to Page" for best results.

Basic course materials: Syllabus and Calendar for the term.

Animations are available to explore sequence concepts and definitions of convergence [instructions] and blow-up [instructions].

Topic sheets (all in one PDF)

Pre-textbook materials:
Topic overview sheets on Math Fundamentals (logic, proof, sets, and functions)
Lewin's An Introduction to Mathematical Grammar
White's Notation and Terminology, which discusses the basics of sets, functions, and relations---you need only concern yourselves with the material through section 0-4 for now.
(Solutions, web-viewable:  0-1  0-2  0-3  0-4;    printable pdf:  0-1  0-2  0-3  0-4).

Exam 1 statistics can be found here